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Business Travel partnership with Result Group

With the solution called Business Travel Assistance designed by Mondial Assistance and Result Group, companies now have a single point of contact for the complete range of services for their employees’ travel arrangements abroad as well as very effective means to ensure their safety anywhere in the world.

Mondial Assistance and Result Group have launched a new joint offer called Business Travel Assistance, which is aimed at companies for their expatriates or employees on business trips abroad.

Whether preparing trips to dangerous countries or managing a crisis, this new comprehensive offer covers training requirements, prevention, insurance, and medical assistance to ensure companies can operate anywhere in the world knowing they have the best security for their employees.

Risks prevention and effective deployment safety of measures anywhere in the world

Company employees who work or travel abroad may happen to be exposed to significant risks of which health, terrorist, political, or natural risks. In addition, some countries deemed “at risk” are particularly dangerous. It is important therefore for businesses to ensure security of their staff anywhere worldwide, to foresee any possible event or situation and also the solutions to address these effectively. Furthermore, it is essential for companies to show employees concrete commitment by being by their side in ensuring safety worldwide.

The Business Travel Assistance solution meets all of these needs. The services are aimed at companies, their employees and relatives through training and preparation of their trips before and during their assignments abroad and also provide necessary local services for their security and their comfort. This allows companies their security and their comfort. This allows companies to have a single point of contact to cover all the security needs of their employees.

"For several years Mondial Assistance has been providing companies with services designed specifically for the safety of their employees." Indeed, whether for one-off assignments or for long-term stays in a foreign country, companies must be alongside their employees to avoid undue risk and prepare for all eventualities. Combining the services, expertise, experience and skills of both Mondial Assistance and Result Group means an even greater range of services can now be offered to cover all situations, even the most dangerous around the world," commented Erick Morazin, Director Global Accounts, Mondial Assistance.

"Result Group is one of the largest global specialists in international risk management. With Mondial Assistance, we are expanding our services to include medical assistance and insurance to cover our clients a 100%," said Oliver Schneider, Director Corporate Security Solutions, Result Group.

The Business Travel Assistance solution designed by Mondial Assistance and Result Group, means companies have a single point of contact for the most comprehensive range of services in order to prepare their employees' stay abroad and to deploy safety measures effectively anywhere in the world:

  • Information on political, health and security situation in 180 countries 

  • Customised travel insurance solutions 

  • Tracking of the personal situation of expatriate staff or on a one-off trip 

  • Audit and security management on site

  • Crisis management 

  • Setting up evacuation plans for employees

  • Personal and family protection service 

  • Repatriation assistance and medical emergency costs

  • General support services:

    • Loss of travel documents and means of payment 

    • Information service for relatives and the company back home 

    • Security training and trip preparation for countries such as Pakistan, Nigeria, Iraq or Afghanistan 

    • Arranging contact with a lawyer, an interpreter, etc. 

  • Travel assistance services (reservations, hotels and car rental)

  • Medical assistance:

    • Information on vaccinations and destination-specific medical precautions to be taken

    • Tips on how to make a first-aid kit

    • Arranging contact with physicians, clinics and hospitals where the employee’s mother tongue or English is spoken

About Result Group

Result Group is one of the world‘s leading risk and crisis management consultancies with 10 offices around the world. More than 60 highly experienced consultants advise national governments, international organisations and multinational companies, including many of the world’s TOP 500, in the neutralization of criminal attacks, 24 hours a day, worldwide.


Mondial Assistance: an intervention every 2 seconds around the world

International leader in Assistance, Travel Insurance and health, life & home care services, today the Mondial Assistance Group counts more than 10 231 employees who speak 40 different languages and work throughout the world with a network of 400,000 service providers and 180 correspondents. 250 million people, or 4% of the world’s total population, benefit from its services, which the Group provides on all five continents. Mondial Assistance is a member of the Allianz Group.

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